About Zamara

Zamara Foundation is a feminist homegrown organization founded in 2016 and registered in Kenya in 2019. Zamara is anchored on radical, bold perspectives on bodily autonomy and integrity, intersectional feminist transformational leadership within the young women and a strong voice that speaks to the sexual and reproductive health and rights of young women, girls and those that are differently challenged. Zamara Foundation focus counties are Nairobi, Kwale and Kilifi. Zamara Foundation’s core values are deeply rooted on African feminist principles.

They are problem-solvers, innovators, and change makers in various aspects of their lives. This can only happen if we invest in them, walk with them and have programs that target them as thinkers, problem solvers and leaders. This is what Zamara Foundation is all about. Building a constituent of young feminist women and adolescents leaders who are passionate about challenging inequalities and advocating for gender justice and reproductive rights.