Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights

The program aims to strengthen advocacy on adolescent and young women’s sexual rights and reproductive health rights (SRHR).

It is aimed at creating an enabling environment where AGYW are empowered to take initiative and make informed sexual choices while at the same time stimulating debate on socialization processes that foster flawed and hegemonic masculinities as well as bodily autonomy and integrity.

Leveraging digital technology in girl’s empowerment. FemZone #ZamaraVoices #AfrikanFeminists.  This is a digital safe space where young women and girls talk about issues affecting youth and adolescent girls. The safe digital space has been created for awareness campaigns geared towards demystifying myths and misconceptions about sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR), challenging inequalities, patriachy and where young women speak out about bodily autonomy and integrity and other issues that are regarded as taboo such as sex and sexuality.