Mission, Vision & Values

Our Vision

Zamara Foundation envisions a society in which the leadership and sexual and reproductive rights of adolescent girls and young women in all their diversities is recognized, respected and protected.

Our Mission

Zamara’s mission is to strengthen the voice, choice and agency of adolescent girls and young women in marginalized communities to challenge and transform the status quo.

Zamara Foundation Core Values

Zamara Foundation identifies as a feminist not for profit organisations with core values that are rooted on feminist principles. Zamara is guided by the African Feminist Charter and embodies its set principles. These core values apply in all that we do both within the institution and externally in our relations with our constituents and community

  • Commitment – We are committed to the nurturing, creation and sustaining of young women and adolescent girls leadership. We will do this through our programmatic focus areas as well as having Zamara as a safe feminist space that empowers and uplifts women and girls in Kenya and Africa.
  • Excellence and quality – We will ensure professionalism, quality and excellence in all we do is upheld.
  • Agency- We recognize that communities are their own change-agents, and believe that solutions to the broader issues of the day should be informed and driven by their own shared and unique experiences. We feel it is important that the people who are most affected are at the table at all times.
  • Choice- We acknowledge and respect the freedom of choices and boding integrity issues including sexual reproductive health and rights, safe abortion and sexual orientation
  • Accountability and Integrity – We will be open, transparent and accountable both internally with our staff and Board members and externally with all our stakeholders. We shall ensure that financial and material resources mobilised are used for the service of building Young Women and girls’ feminist leadership.
  • Love and Sisterhood – We will support and care for the Zamara Foundation family ensuring that the right to healthy, mutually respectful and fulfilling personal and professional relationships is realised. We recognize the importance of taking care of health in all its forms (mentally, physically and spiritually) as key component of young women and girls well being.
  • Thinking Otherwise – We will continue to challenge conventional, patriarchal structures to build new ways of thinking about young women and girls’ role in feminist leadership, organising, living and knowledge creation. We shall do this through creation of safe feminist spaces that encourage learning, participation and fun.