COVID19 Response

COVID19 has exposed systemic inequalities that have been faced by people especially women and girls for so long, it has shown how countries’ health systems are inadequate to manage the virus. As Henry A. Giroux said in his blog COVID19 is a crisis deeply rooted in years of neglect by neoliberal governments that denied the importance of public health and the public good while defunding the institutions that made them possible. At the same time, this crisis cannot be separated from the crisis of massive inequalities in wealth, income and power. Nor can it be separated from a crisis of democratic values, education and environmental destruction.

Zamara Foundation has been on the forefront of response to COVID19 virus through online engagement by sharing gendered messages and soft skills on how young women and girls can deal with the psychological, physical impacts of COVID19, this has been done with a with young African feminists across Africa.

What We've Done

Use of digital media

Zamara Foundation has been at the forefront of mobilising African Young Feminist online through twitter chats that have been geared towards bringing out the gendered aspects of COVID19 and how it has affected young women and girls and the mental health of youths especially young women. The twitter conversations are informative and instrumental in sharing skills and ways of coping with COVID19 effects. The use of digital media have gone further to challenge COVID19 misinformation as well as link AGYW to resources and services needed.

Provision of care package for AGYW

Closure of schoold meant that AGYW could not access free sanitary towels. In esnuring that Adolescents girls and young women continue accessing this essential product Zamara Foundation provided care packages including sanitary towels to adolescents girls and young women in Nairobi and Kilifi Counties.

Linking adolescent girls to resources

With the shadow pandemic (increased violence against women and girls, teenage pregnancies, massive FGM and mental health issues) Zamara Foundation has been at the forefront of linking AGYW to resources, information and services on where to get help when they need the support.