Our Story

Zamara Foundation comes from the inspiration of the name and its meaning. Zamara is a female name meaning you have aspirations and inspirations, hope and guidance; you are intuitive, perceptive and understand yourself and human nature.

You have the power to achieve make choices and take lead of your life. Diplomacy and discretion make you a good mediator. You are inspired, introspective, and have a good understanding of the human heart. You are beautiful, empowered, spontaneous and creative. You can have the ability to commercialize your artistic talents successfully.
You are always reaching for something higher, exactly knowing what that “higher” is. You are bold, independent, confident, inquisitive and interested in research.

Just like what the name symbolizes we believe that young women and adolescent girls are Zamara’s, they can be confident, make informed choices of their sexuality, be leaders in their own space, responsible for their personal life’s and well being despite the harsh circumstances in their environment, they are to learn, step up, be part of the solution, lead by example and are mentors of other young women and adolescent girls.