Zamara Foundation Intersectional Feminist Leadership Institute (ZaFLI) COHORT 3

Zamara Foundation

Zamara Foundation Intersectional Feminist Leadership Institute (ZaFLI)

Are you a young woman, a young woman advocate, a young feminist who wants to ground your work on feminist values and principles? Do you believe in sexual health and reproductive justice? If yes, look no further as we are looking for you to join our third cohort of Zamara Foundation Intersectional Feminist Leadership Institute (ZaFLI).

ZaFLI is for all the young women ages 18-29 who aspires to ground their work on intersectional feminist theory and framework. Zamara Foundation believes in feminist leadership and transformational leadership for young women and girls in all their diversities. The need for intersectional feminist and transformational leadership development is critical to ensuring young feminists continue leading in their communities and bringing about change. When young women and girls are aware of and have political consciousness and a solid understanding and analysis of power, oppression, and inequalities, they will start making linkages, thinking critically about their circumstances, and building their collective power and developing strategies to change them. ZaFLI is a moment for collective and individual reflection, introspection and growth.

The convening intends to equip diverse groups of young women with ways of employing an intersectional framework and understanding systems of power and how they perpetuate inequalities. ¬†Also, they will understand the intersecting patterns between different power structures that show how women’s social identities overlap in creating experiences of discrimination based on gender, class, sexuality, and ethnicity. We hope to build a constituency of feminist, young women who use intersectionality in their work and become bold, audacious sexual and reproductive justice advocates in Kenya. Through these interactions and engagements, we hope to build sisterhood and solidarity.

Join us and be among our 3rd ZaFLI Cohort.

Deadline: 15th January 2024

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