Zamara Foundation’s Intersectional Feminist Leadership Institute (ZaFLI) Cohort 2 Call for applications

Zamara Foundation

Zamara Foundation Intersectional Feminist Leadership Institute (ZaFLI)

Zamara Foundation is a feminist, organization founded in 2016 and anchored on radical, bold perspectives on bodily autonomy and integrity.  Zamara works to build sisterhood, solidarity and an audacious community of young women feminists and sexual and reproductive justice advocates.

  • Zamara is where we can dare to dream.
  • Where we feel seen. And heard. And loved. And cared for.
  • Zamara is a place where we leave enriched. But also, a place we enrich.
  • A space of mutual respect – one that acknowledges what we come with.
  • A place that gathers us all, that builds solidarity.
  • A place that reminds us of our power, our strength, especially when we come together.
  • Zamara is where those at the margins are centered.
  • Zamara is where we become, and unbecome.
  • Zamara is where we can be.

About ZaFLI

Zamara Foundation believes in feminist leadership and transformational leadership for young women and girls in all their diversities. The need for intersectional feminist and transformational leadership development is critical to ensuring young feminists continue leading in their communities and bringing about change. When young women and girls are aware of and have political consciousness and a solid understanding and analysis of power, oppression, and inequalities, they will start making linkages, thinking critically about their circumstances, and building their collective power and developing strategies to change them.

ZaFLI is a moment for collective and individual reflection, introspection and growth. It intends to equip young women between the ages of 18 to 29 with knowledge and skills on intersectionality, feminism and sexual and reproductive justice. An intersectional e approach recognizes that different categories such as race, religion, gender, class and identities create overlapping and interrelated systems of discrimination or disadvantage. In that, there is an acknowledgment that every person has their unique experiences of oppression and discrimination that must be considered such as gender, class, sexual orientation, and physical ability.

The convening intends to equip young women with ways of employing an intersectional framework and understanding systems of power and how they perpetuate inequalities.  Also, they will understand the intersecting patterns between different power structures that show how women’s social identities overlap in creating experiences of discrimination based on gender, class, sexuality, and ethnicity. We hope to build a constituency of feminist, young women who use intersectionality in their work and become bold, audacious sexual and reproductive justice advocates in Kenya. Through these interactions and engagements, we hope to build sisterhood and solidarity.


5th to 9th June 2023


Nairobi, Kenya

Who should apply?

Are you a young woman, a young woman advocate, a young feminist who wants to ground your work on feminist values and principles? Do you believe in sexual health and reproductive justice? If yes, look no further as we are looking for you to join our second cohort of ZaFLI.

The overall goal of ZaFLI

To build political consciousness of young women and girls to recognise their power within, power with, power to and intersectional ways of challenging inequalities and oppression to achieve gender equality and justice.


  • To build a constituency of bold, audacious sexual and reproductive justice advocates in Kenya.
  • To understand intersectionality as a framework to challenge discrimination and oppression.
  • To deepen an understanding of feminism and feminist principles
  • Understanding regional and national laws and frameworks that can be used in the work of gender equality in Kenya.
  • Deepen knowledge and skills on feminist transformational leadership for girls to recognise their leadership and capacities as change-makers in their communities.


ZaFLI targets 25 young women and young feminists aged 18 to 29 from Nairobi, Kilifi and Kwale counties. We are looking for:

  • Young women and young feminists passionate about women’s rights especially sexual and reproductive health and rights.
  • Young women and young feminists willing to understand intersectionality and reproductive justice and employ this lens in their work.
  • Young women and young feminists who are able to dedicate 7 days of their time to learn and are willing to share the learnings within their communities.

How to apply

Please apply using the link below by 15th May 2023. Kindly note applications received after the deadline will not be considered. Thank you.

Join us and be among our second ZaFLI Cohort.

Apply HERE

Deadline 15th May 2023